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Supertooth Project 2NDK

SupertoothNDK Inc ABN = 56906454628, is an oral health promoting research charity that aims to end tooth decay our most common disease, affecting over 11 million Australians of all ages each year when acid demineralisation exceeds remineralisation, mostly where food is trapped and brushing, saliva and fluoride can't reach to clean, neutralise acid and aid remineralisation. Over 80% of cavities start deep inside pit and fissure developmental faults in chewing surfaces of back teeth which Dentists prevent by placing costly sealants over chewing surfaces to block food access suggesting that most cavities are prevented by not leaving food on teeth. Scroll down and REGISTER NOW to monitor your oral health and compare it with any postcode, state or national averages. DON'T FILL OUT CAVITIES OR FILLINGS FOR TEETH WHEN REGISTERING, just enter "0" and WAIT TILL YOU GET A FORM FROM THE DENTIST at your next visit. Parents, please register to collect the baby molar teeth that fall out from your 9 to 12-year-old children for the Tooth Fairy at the Australian Synchrorton, to measure developmental faults in chewing surfaces where food is trapped, most cavities occur and brushing can't reach and see why some teeth don't have these faults or develop cavities.

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